Why Escape from Tarkov streamer Luki, should be added to your Twitch follow list.


Luki is a full time partnered streamer on the Twitch platform and streams Escape From Tarkov 6 days a week while taking Tuesday as her off day.

She is from Romania and lives with her boyfriend and mod Alex and one very fluffy cat whose name is Ankara. Here is a fine picture of the cat, not Alex sadly.


While most streamers play games and get bored with them quickly, especially streaming as much as she does.

The game is not the main reason she streams, it is the interactions she has on her channel and the community she has built herself on Twitch.

We have all come across streamers that take things way too seriously, Luki is not one of them she will break out into fits of laughter from chat and the game itself.

If you want to get away from all the bad news going on in the world, even for an hour then this stream is a great place to go.

She also has an incredible ability to get herself into game situations that you could not do even if you tried. These end up being clips that are made not just because of the gameplay itself but it is her reactions that make the clips.

When she first started streaming she played Overwatch before moving over to PUBG and then torturing herself with the Dark Souls series of games and Bloodborne.

The game you will most likely associate with her though is Ring of Elysium, she became very well known in the community before moving on to new games and becoming a staple in the Tarkov community.

You will see her play with not only people she knows but with other streamers as well, such as GlitzyPhoenix and Dr Lupo.

You will also see that she does 24hr streams on occasions, so if the timezone never feels right for you make sure you follow her social media for one of these streams, so you can catch her on.

We live in an age now where more and more Twitch streamers are being put under the microscope and rightfully so, Luki will never appear anywhere near one.

You will be hard pushed to find a nicer streamer on any platform, her community is everything to her, even if they do troll her with things like making Alex put Mayo on her (she hates Mayo with a passion) and making Bitbot send her back to the menu screen.

Alex himself does a lot of work behind the scenes for the stream including doing digital art, he even plays Tetris aka sorting out Luki`s stash on her off day.

I mentioned earlier regarding clips and I think I have to open with one that is all Piggymeat`s fault but in the best way possible.

Tarkov death by cake :

If you have heard of the expression “Being Tarkov`d” this is its meaning:

Who needs ADS when you can do this:

Serious Luki to not so serious Luki in a flash:

This is a highlight reel video from Luki`s Youtube channel of WTF moments:

Luki does have her own website and these are the links to some of the information that Twitch chat asks in stream.

Stream Schedule (This will change the times automatically to your region):

This first one is her PC build and setup:

In Game Settings:

Her link to her Discord:

All about her in stream point system (I am on the VIP badge grind):

Luki Merchandise shop (T-Shirts, Cups and Hoodies):

Luki is also partnered with Sneakenergy, so make sure you use code LUKI at the checkout. The Sneak website link is below:

Contact email address for sponsorship and general inquiries:


These are Luki`s Social Media links, so make sure you hit those follow and subscribe buttons.








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